Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How I'm spending the money!

Back again this morning for an update on how I'm intending to spend these condo profits!

Amounts with a strikethrough are payments that I've already made.

Starting Balance
Remainder of Condo Deposit*
Remainder of Condo Down payment
Estimated Purchasing Legal Fees
Estimated Purchasing Disbursements
Estimated Land Transfer Tax
Estimated HST (On CMHC Fees)
Estimated Utilities Setup Fees
Legal Fees – Title Search Fee
Condo Upgrade**
Emergency Fund
Travel Fund
Kenya Trip – Vaccinations
Furniture/Home Decor
Vehicle Registration/Taxes
Winter Tires
Vehicle Tune-Up
Bank Fees/Certified Cheque Fees

* I’ve already paid a $2,500 deposit to the builder – it is a new condo and a tiered payment structure has been established.
** I opted to upgrade only one item separately (although about 8 others I’d have loved of my list was travertine tiles instead of the standard porcelaine, but I wasn't willing to spend the $750 on top of the upgrade I selected) – I selected to have the microwave mounted above the stove instead of having it sit on the counter.

Have you ever purchased a new home and got sucked in by the upgrades available??

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  1. I've never bought a home in general, but my friend bought a new townhome and definitely got sucked in to all of the upgrades. They thought they wouldn't fall for it but they got custom flooring, tile, appliances, and window treatments. To be honest, I probably would too!