Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to my blog!!!

Welcome to "Big City...Beer Budget" my first blog!  I wanted an outlet to discuss finances, living life in the big city, and what it takes to meet personal and financial goals.  I've followed other blogs for a couple of years now, and wanted to get into the game myself. 

I recently moved to Toronto after years of living in Southern Ontario.  I've recently begun a new job, making $47,000/year (gross), I've ditched my car for a TTC pass, and am living on my own in a bachelor apartment - housing in T.O. is expensive! 

I have a list of goals, I call them '30 By 30' that I am aiming to accomplish by my 30th birthday in August of 2012.  This blog will speak to how I've been able to accomplish all 30 goals, how to survive living as a single girl in the big city, and save for my future.

Thanks for vising and I hope you enjoy.

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