Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ignoring Today's Horoscope

I am an avid daily reader of my horoscope in the Globe and Mail.  I can sometimes relate what the horoscope says to real life, other days not to much.

Today's horoscope read:
    Check the small print before putting pen to paper today because someone could be trying to trick you into believing that you are getting a really good deal when, in fact, you will end up losing out. You don’t have to sign.

If I had a truly vested interest in my horoscope I might have been a bit freaked out.  Why?  Today was inspection day on the new condo.

My dad was great enough to make the drive up for the inspection - which lasted all of 30 minutes in a 400sq ft condo.  The inspector recommended replacing the hot and cold hoses leading into the washer, and a part of the piping below the kitchen sink.  Very easy fixes according to my dad (who has a lot of experience in the renovation worls - we were even in a reno magazine once).  So, my inspection clause is now gone.

The only hurdles left are: lawyer signing off on the status certificate and the mortgage confirmation.  I have a phone call planned with my mortgage broker to schedule an appointment to sign the papers - it looks like my provider will be First National Mortgage.

I have a feeling I'll be addressing that for Wednesday's post!

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  1. Hope all goes well for the rest! :) I never read my horoscope... lol! My BFF swears by it though!