Monday, April 30, 2012

Clothes Shopping on a Budget

Five or 10 years ago to me Value Village was relegated to Halloween Costume shopping.  Flash forward to today and it's my go-to spot to buy used books/magazines, furniture to customize (I'm currently on the hunt for a sturdy wood surfaced coffee table with storage), flower vases, and recently I've hunted for specific pieces of clothing.

I'm down a size (XL to L) since starting to track my food choices/exercise through Lose It and using #pfworkout and wanted some new clothes which I will hopefully be replacing in another 2 months or so when I transition to Medium sizes (in shirts at least).

Last week I ventured out to Value Village on the BOGO Free event and snagged three shirts and one pair of workout pants:

All for only $17.97!!!

With prices like these, I will definitely be able to get through the year on a clothing budget of $600.

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