Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend Recap

After what felt like an entire day of driving along the 401, I arrived back in Ottawa sleepy and not ready to get back into the swing of work this morning!

Here's how the last 4 days played out:

- Worked 7:30am to 3:00pm
- Filled up my gas tank ($30)
- Drove home, arriving at the front door of my mom's house at 11:30pm
- Good: brought my own salad along the drive, so I didn't have to stop at the rest stop, except for gas the last 150 kms ($40)

- Grocery shopped with my mom.....only one grocery store in town was open.....not so fun!
- Met up with some high school friends at Boston Pizza
- Good: Spent only $10 out.  Split 1/2 individual pizza and yam fries with my friend.

- Met up with same high school friends for coffee ($6.78)
- BAD: $19.95 oil change turned into $240 oil change, air filter, transmission fluid flush. I have about $180 in my car maintenance account, so luckily I had to scrounge for only $60
- Visited my Dad, who loved his belated birthday present. He also gave me $60 towards gas - love Dads!
- Had Easter dinner #1 at high school friend's parents house....love those 4+ hour talks around the dinner table

- Easter dinner #2 with my Mom's family (20 people).  I made a skinny cheesecake and "mashed" cauliflower and sweet potatoes
- Mom filled up my gas tank - yey again! ($20)

- Left Mom's at 7:30am
- Visited with a friend/former colleague for 3 hours.....played lots of hide and seek with her 3 year old!
- Drove, drove, drove. 
- Filled up again after 6 hours of driving - $40
- Arrived back in Ottawa at 6:30pm.....ran inside with arms loaded up to get away from the rain.
- Vegged on the couch the rest of the night!

So, aside from my surprise car costs, I actually stayed under budget....I need to swap my winter tires for my all seasons soon, so next pay cheque I should be back on target when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

How was your long weekend?

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