Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I Foolishly Wasted $10 This Week

I hate wasting money. 

Anytime I throw out a piece of food gone bad, or make an extra car trip on a weekend when I should have done it on my way home one day, when I misplace something that now needs to be replaced, I kick myself.

This week I found myself in one of those "misplaced something that now needs replacing" circumstances.  A couple of months ago my Mom told me that drivers aren't supposed to keep their ownership/proof of insurance in their glove compartment in case their car is stolen.  Made sense, so I put the envelope in my purse.

I of course can not find said ownership and insurance slips.  I have 3 purses, and it's not in either.  I have 2 backpacks, and it's not in either of those.  I checked my filing cabinet, kitchen drawers, and nightstand.  No luck.

So, this week I spent $10 replacing my ownership slip.  That could have bought me 3 days worth of gas, a month's worth of milk, or 1 sushi lunch out.  Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Do you keep your vehicle documents with you or do you leave them in the car?

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  1. Losing your registration/insurance cards would be nerve-racking - if you got caught without them is a huge fine. I leave mine in the glove compartment.. I was told it was illegal where I'm from not to have them in the car.