Friday, December 2, 2011

My New Job

Since I began working full time after school (June 2008 if you're counting) I've worked two contract positions.  One I was thrilled to even get an interview, let alone hired -- hello, Vancouver Olympics! -- but since the beginning of the year I'd been itching to transition from my second contract into something permanent.

A permanent position opened over the summer and while I had a great interview, I did not get the position - it went to a colleague of mine who had the exact skill set and experience the job required.  Seeing so many former colleagues and people I went to school with applying for jobs for months at a time and not being successful I didn't want to be jobless when my contract ended in March 2012.  So, I started looking around.

A former colleague emailed me a position that was opening up in her office in Ottawa and I jumped at the chance to apply.  Admittedly I'd never filled a role exactly like this one in a position, instead I'd dabbled in elements of it in other positions.  However, after a great face-to-face meeting, and a Skype interview I was offered the position.   Two years ago I'd have never considered taking a position at this salary, but looking at my current industry and seeing my former colleagues struggle to land something, I jumped at this transition.

Here's what my current salary/benefits look like:
Salary: $40,000
Pension Matching: 5% or $2,000
Vacation: 2 weeks to start, up to 3 next year
Benefits: Dental, Medical, Vision (I've already used $300 towards medications!)
Work environment: FUN! Our next staff event is a cooking class
(In my previous job I had neither pension matching nor benefits, so these new additions are great)

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