Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Relocation Blip - a Canada Post rant!

Toronto to Ottawa is the furthest relocation I've ever done, and thus far it doesn't look like it'll be complete until January when I officially purchase the new condo. 

Thankfully all of my belongings made it safely to Ottawa on the Uhaul truck....as for my mail, not so much.

I paid for a hold on my mail delivery for the first 3 weeks after my last weekend in Toronto.  Not having a permanent place to stay yet meant I didn't know where to redirect my mail to.  Once my offer was accepted on the condo I rented a P.O. Box to temporarily redirect the mail to until I was moved in.  Off came the hold, and onto the P.O. Box.  Mail has been arriving at the P.O. Box for a couple of weeks now.  What hasn't made it to the box yet, is the mail that was held by Canada Post in Toronto between October 24th and November 16th.....more than 3 weeks worth of mail.....vanished!

I know the location where the mail was being held, but according to every Canada Post Customer Service rep I speak to on the phone, there is no telephone number at the location that held my mail.....interesting, no telephone at a Canada Post location. 

It frustrates me that I've paid $168 for the hold, temporary redirection, and box rental and I'm going to have to pay another $80+ to have my mail redirected to the new condo in January. 

Sometimes I feel like my hands are tied when public services are essential, with only one provider!

Do you have any relocation horror stories??

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