Friday, December 9, 2011

Missing Christmas

I will be missing out on Christmas with family for the first time ever this year.  Even when I was on a 4-month stretch of travel over the holidays a couple of years ago I managed to be home for a few hours on Christmas day.

Where will I be this year?  Way back in February I posted about a trip I'd booked.  It's finally here!  (Technically in a week I drive to Toronto, then fly out the next morning).

Between December 17th and 28th I will be in Kenya on a 9-day safari! I chose Gap Adventure's Kenya Wildlife Adventure and I'm beyond excited.  A safari has always been a dream vacation for me and I'm so happy to be getting the opportunity to travel there now.

Thus far I have spent: 

Safari - Gap Adventures
Flight - Air Swiss
Insurance - PC
Airport Transfer
Extra Hotel Night
Travel Supplies
Safari Clothing

** Travel supplies were a Christmas gift from my Mom, so nothing out of pocket for me!

The only upcoming costs I'm anticipating will come to approximately $350 - tips for safari guide, cook, porter, souvenirs, attractions on the last day, transport, and a quick jaunt into Zurich during my 6 hour layover on the way back to Canada.

While I'm sad not to be spending the holiday with my family, I'm sure that we'll have a great time opening gifts, and checking out all of my amazing photos when I return.

What is your dream vacation?

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  1. I'm happy you are back. I spent some time reading and catching up. Congrats on all the positive changes. The safari sounds great! That's great that you are fulfilling a dream. :)