Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank you, Ikea Canada

**This post is not sponsored by Ikea, but if the Ikea gods are listening, feel free to bestow upon me a new bedframe, dresser, entertainment centre, and/or sofabed loveseat!

This past weekend, I dug out of my storage space a chair and an end table that I knew wouldn't fit in the new condo and I wanted to donate.  Timing was perfect. In anticipation of the new Ikea opening in Ottawa they're having a Beautification Event where a truck drives around the city and stops in designated areas to exchange one piece of furniture or home decor item for a gift card.  The items will then be donated by Ikea.

Saturday I drove to Orleans and exchanged my chair for a $50 Ikea gift card to use in the new store.  Sunday I drove to the Market and exchanged my end table for another $50 Ikea gift card to use in the new store.  Each day I used about an hour to do the exchange....for $100! 

Next Saturday I'll do the same -- bringing my grand total to $150 in Ikea gift cards!!!  Since I sold most of my furniture to my Toronto condo buyer, I've already got a list of new items needed -- this Ikea loveseat sofabed at the top of the list! (In grey of course - typical me style).

Those gift cards sure will come in handy -- now, how to spend the $150 cash I had earmarked for furniture....?

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