Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My No-Excuse Fridge!

A few weeks ago I bought my lunch each of the 5 days of the week I worked. Why?  It was "easier" to buy than to think about what to make for lunch.  I'm kicking myself thinking of what I could have done with that $50.

This weekend I got organized, planned each lunch and dinner to last me the next 10 days, and did a big grocery shop.  I like variety in my lunches.  I'm not a sandwich 5-days-a-week kinda girl.  Next week here's a couple of ideas of what I'll be packing:
- Veggie quesadilla (Mon)
- Pasta Fagioli soup (Tue)
- Butternut squash with seared scallops (Wed)
- Spinach salad with chicken (Thu)
- TBD (Fri - likely leftovers from Thursday's dinner)

By planning in advance I'm aiming for the month of April not to eat out at all.  Think of all that money I'll be saving!!

This is one well-stocked fridge!


  1. My partner and I did that. It last 11 days then we got Subway on a very busy day. We try one week a month of not going out.

    I found that we did save some money, but we love to cook and he eats a lot!

    The best thing to do is to find ingredients at the farmer's market, buying whole chickens to use, and making stews!

  2. That's great! :) You can really save some $$ by not bringing lunch! Besides... bringing lunch saves you from getting a headache on what to buy to eat for lunch! Plus it's healthier to eat the food you prepare too! :D

  3. Ahhh!! I hate sandwiches too (unless they are gourmet) because I ate them every day in high school!

    I've started packing lunches recently for work and it's been working pretty well. Usually, I set aside Sunday evenings to make food that I can pop in the freezer and then slowly eat those 3-4 boxes over the next two weeks.

    Soups are my favourite :)