Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saved by the Offer to Purchase

Since the day I moved into the condo my dishwasher hasn't worked properly.  After each load the bottom of the dishwasher would be full of yucky water.  After a few calls to Whirlpool and following their recommendations the issue still wasn't resolved.

So, I took a look back at my offer to purchase the condo.  Appliances like my dishwasher were included specifically in the agreement to purchase and the fact that they needed to be "in good working order".  My dishwasher....was....not.  So, I had my real estate lawyer send a letter to the seller making them aware of the issue (they had a renter living here before I purchased), and advising them that they needed to take care of the problem.

An appliance repairman came by last night (he was highly recommended on HomeStars) and found the problem immediately.  It wasn't actually the dishwasher.  Before closing the buyer had a plumber (or his brother, who knows) come in and repair a crack in the drain that the dishwasher hose empties into.  The plumber, instead of replacing the part tried to fix the crack with glue.  He used so much glue though that it went into the drain and is now blocking flow from the dishwasher.

Fast forward to today where I'm sitting in my living room waiting for a Mr. Rooter plumber to come and replace the part, all at the expense of the former owner.  Goes to show you that even after closing on a home the fine print in the Offer to Purchase can protect you, the buyer. 

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  1. Good on you for keeping the seller accountable.