Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yet another budget re-jig

I've had to re-jig my monthly budget again.  I've been contemplating for more than a year whether or not to get a cell phone.  The One of a Kind show this weekend (I was running late, but had no way of letting my friends know) pushed me over the edge, I called Rogers and signed up for a wireless plan.

I currently have a home phone which costs each month just over $35 including taxes.  With the new discount I'm recieving with the Rogers wireless plan my phone will cost just over $55 including taxes each month.  I will be moving my home phone number over to the new phone when it arrives.

For $67/month + tax - discounts here's what I get:
- Blackberry Curve 9300 in violet ($9.99 on 3 year contract)
- 200 minutes
- unlimited social networking -- facebook, twitter, flickr
- caller ID, messaging, texting (video and photo)
- unlimited my 10 Canada-wide **most of my calls are long-distance, so this is what sold me
- unlimited evenings and weekends after 6pm
- 1GB data

To find the extra $20 (or so) per month for the new plan I'll likely take it out of my entertainment budget.  Over the weekend I'm going to investigate free financial apps out there!


  1. Congrats on the new phone. I also need to say a big THANK YOU. After reading about the good deal you got compared to what I have been paying. I decided to call and see if I could get a better deal. I got more (a package much like yours) for way less. To be exact its $20.00 a month less. I am thrilled. Thank you!!!

  2. That's great to hear -- I always look at that kind of savings in the big picture...on a 3-yar contract you just saved $720!

    What's the plan for the "extra" $20/month!