Monday, April 18, 2011

My Weekend: Cooking, Cleaning, and Green Living!

My weekend was busy, busy, busy.  In anticipation of my realtor visits today and tomorrow night I got started on some spring cleaning.  I'd been meaning to shuffle around my kitchen cabinets since the day I moved in, but put it off for quite some time.  It's nice now to have things I access more that once a day on the bottom shelf instead of pulling out the step ladder whenever I make tea.  I did everything from scrub the bathroom floors and shower to polish the new wood floors. 

I did a BIG (for me!) grocery store run this weekend and cooked/froze up a storm for meals to cover me the next 2 weeks.  No Frills had a great sale on chicken breasts - I managed to snag 15 for just over $16.  My best meal of the weekend was a dish with roasted chicken breast, green beans, and sweet potatoes. 

Yesterday I attended the Green Living Show.  Along with April's Metropass in the mail came a free ticket to the show (regular price: $12).  I brought along $20 from my entertainment budget for spending money.  I walked away with 2 boxes of organic tea and 1 bottle of dressing/marinade that I'll pair with a quinoa salad first.  The tea will be part of my Mother's Day gift to my Mom.  There were so many food/beverage samples at the show that I ate my lunch there as well - at a cost of $0!! 

All in all, it was one great weekend.

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