Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Energy Conservation

I blogged back in March that in my original 2012 budget I'd included $55/month for hydro.  I've now been through a winter cycle (January - March), and a spring/summer weather cycle.  Seriously, it's May and Ottawa's been hit with 25-28 degree weather a few times this spring.

On my March bill I'd spent $1.24/day on hydro - including all those delivery and service charges.  This billing cycle, I managed to get it down to.......$1.23/day!! 

My two month bill, instead of the $110.00 I'd budgeted was only $70.47 -- off to the travel fund the extra money goes!

While a $0.01/day savings doesn't seem like a lot, my bill would have been much higher had I not been trying to conserve energy.  

I've turned on my air conditioning, but my hydro bill was lower.....that's because I've been unplugging my chargers during the day (cell phone, iPad, Laptop), I've been running the dishwasher cycle in the evenings/weekends when hydro is off peak, and because I've been involved in classes, the gym, volunteering, I just haven't been around to turn on lights or watch tv!

With a beer budget, every little savings counts, right?!  :)


What do you do to lower your hydro/natural gas/water bills?? 

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