Saturday, May 26, 2012

What to wear at a vineyard wedding?

You already know that I'm working on putting together a group wedding gift, which is 90% complete.  What I haven't talked about yet is what I'm planning on wearing to the wedding.....that's because I just don't know!!!

I spotted a dress at Ricki's that I fell in love with last month and saved money from the gas/grocery/entertainment/travel budget to buy the dress.  This dress is the first purchase of 2012 that I've paid full price for -- I love it that much!!!  I am just not sure yet if it's right for the wedding.

The wedding will be at Vineland Estates Winery.  I should mention that it's a day-time wedding.  That means an 11am ceremony followed by a winery tour then an afternoon with no dancing (no dance floor and no deejay).

Here's a shot from the vineyard's website:


I'm putting a call out there to PF Fashionistas!!  Here are my two dress choices:

Ricki's gold: Regularly $129.95...bought for $29.99 (yippee!)

Ricki's blue: Regularly $79.95....paid full price.

Okay readers.....which dress would you wear to the wedding??  

I have a big push to finish before the wedding in exactly 2 weeks.  I am currently a size 13....the gold dress is a size 12 and the blue dress is a L (I'm into a large currently, but would love it to fit better!).  You'll be seeing a lot of #pfworkout tweets from this blogger!!


  1. I absolutely love that blue dress!

  2. Blue most definitely!

  3. ...I vote gold; just going against the grain I guess.

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