Monday, May 28, 2012

A Referrals Shout Out!

I've noticed since the beginning of the year that my referral blog hits are coming not from Google searches, but from other blogs!  

So, I wanted to give a shout out to this month's top 4 referrals and a note on why I love each of their blogs:

I love Cait's writing style, the topics she addresses, her perseverance to get out of debt and how passionate she is about living a balanced lifestyle....can I say I'm also jealous she's (hopefully) about to embark on an amazing experience at The Bold Academy.  To contribute to Cait's goal, please donate here.

I was sad to see that the original Fabulously Broke blog was sold to the Financial Blogger, but I think that the new blog owners have done a good job of keeping up with quality postings.  Although I do miss reading posts during the course of FB's year off to travel! You can find the 'original' FB at The Budgeting Tool now!

Let's just say every Saturday I now wake up thinking about what Bridget's Personal Finance GIFs will look like that weekend!  When I read Bridget's post about investing a couple of weeks ago she wrote "I have a passive monthly dividend income".  Me...."um, what does that even mean??"  I admire anyone who can educate themselves on a topic that to me, is another language!!

4) Cents of a Country Girl
In some ways our blogs are polar opposites....big city vs. country living.  In other ways, we blog about facing similar challenges, like owning our first homes solo.   I love learning about life in the country, what can I say!

Thanks to these lovely ladies for adding me to your Blogroll and for all of the work that you put into your own amazing blogs!!

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