Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 for 2

Two days into my No Spend Week, I haven't spent a penny.....but, that doesn't mean that I didn't have the urge to shop!  Last night out of boredom I wanted to whip out my debit card and buy something, anything.  I was contemplating what I could buy at the corner store.

Hmmm, maybe this week will be harder than I thought.  Yesterday I plunked down another $13,000-ish on my final downpayment and closing costs for the new condo - yey!  But that didn't seem to satisfy my craving to spend.  Luckily I was distracted for a good 2 hours with the Bachelor and my corner store was then closed!

Today I am headed out of the city with colleagues for meetings, and over the course of two days I will need to spend money on food - it will be reimbursed by my company, and I'm hoping those couple of swipes of the debit card will put my itch to spend at ease. 

How do you keep your 'need' to spend in check?


  1. Whenever I'm about to spend, I try and think about how long I worked for that money. That usually works.

  2. A trick of mine when I'm on a spending strike and get an urge to spend is to sell something. Yeah, I know it's the opposite, but posting seomething to craigslist or ebay seems to strike the same nerve in my life. I think for me it's the "finding" process - finding something of mine to sell has the same effect as finding something to buy.

  3. Oooh, I've gone through those phases. I usually window shop and I'll end up on so many different stores with different tabs open and I'll get overwhelmed and close out. Otherwise I play video games. Free and FUN entertainment for me!