Thursday, January 26, 2012

Progress Update and an Unexpected Refund!

Well, four days into my No Spend Week, I'm batting 100%!  During my two day work trip my colleague who has a company credit card paid for meals, so I had no costs out of pocket.  I will be putting together a couple of Ikea pieces today and catching up on laundry, so I don't anticipate needing/being bored and wanting to go out and spend money!

Now, onto the surprise real estate lawyer let me know that the builder's lawyers had made an error in the figures I had to pay (they hadn't cashed the occupancy bank draft), and as a result I overpaid at closing by about $600.  Found money is always exciting, especially when it amounts to basically 1/2 a paycheque!

Here's my plan:
- Efund: $100
- RRSP: $100
- Travel Fund: $200
- Shoes: $75 (replacing a sensible black pair that broke)
- Car Fund: $75 (I have a replacement tire and oil change looming in the spring)
- Ottawa Fun Money : $75 (I've been itching to try snowshoeing and cross country skiing)

All in all, a good week thus far, and looking up....I have a movie date on Sunday!