Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Goals

I can't believe we're past the mid-point of January already!  It's been a busy year already!  I have some lofty and miniscule goals for 2012 and hopefully I'll be more diligent this year than I was last year.

Here goes....

  • Save $5,040 (represents 15% of my net income) - this can be a combination of my pension savings, RRSP, and emergency fund.
  • Bring my morgage down $5,000 (this means about 2.5 additional payments this year!).
  • Consistently fund 'planned spending' accounts - gifts, car maintenance, travel, clothing.
  • Max out as much of my health insurance plan as I can - I don't pay into the plan, so it's 'free' money!
  • Save for my first tax bill - since MPAC has not yet assessed my condo for taxes, and it may be another year that they do, I don't want to be shocked when the first bill comes.....so, I will be saving $160/month starting next month for this expense.
  • Starting in February (I still have furniture, kitchen supplies, window coverings, etc. for the new condo) have a minimum of 3 no-spend days per week and track all spending.  I haven't done this yet in 2012, so February is when I'll begin.
  • Share my budget planning with friends - over the holidays a couple of friends asked how I budget and I explained my schedule of payments, distribution of savings, and percentages.  The next best thing I can do is share with them my templates!

  • Celebrate my 30th birthday overseas....paid for in cash obviously!  I have purchased tickets to 2 Olympic events in London (the Games happen over my birthday). I'm hoping to take 2 weeks vacation and see a few other cities as well -- I've been to London before, so I think 4 nights for Edinburgh, 3 nights in London, and 4 nights in Brussels and perhaps 3 nights in Luxembourgh will do.
  • Start dating!  I haven't been in a serious relationship for about 2 years.  I know a couple of guys here in Ottawa, one of whom I had a big crush on back in school.
  • Continue to improve my health - this doesn't just mean losing weight, but learning to think of exercise as fun....I'm excited to try some snowshoeing trails in Gatineau this winter.
  • Improve my photography skills - after spending about $1,300 on a new Canon T3 camera with accessories I want to be sure to put it to good use, not just on vacations.
  • Make new friends in Ottawa!  I have only 1 good friend here in Ottawa and many more aquaintances.  I know that I can be a hermit sometimes, so I need to get out more.
  • Find a new dentist and doctor in Ottawa.
  • Pass my 3-month probation period with flying colours (end of January marks that milestone).
  • Recieve additional vacation days when the reviews occur in April.
  • Join another professional organization.
  • Look into courses to improve my French skills.


  1. Good stuff. I especially like the mortgage and no-spend goals. Good luck with your crush too :)

  2. Some really great goals! Best of luck!

  3. Good luck with your goals! I am with you on the start dating one... I haven't had a relationship last for more than six months in over three years. Take advantage of all of your acquaintances - they are great for meeting both friends and boyfriends.

  4. Your goals are awesome. The 3 no-spends is cool, I wish I could stick to that. Also good luck on dating:) Excited to hear more of that!

  5. Great goals.... good luck!

    Your upcoming trip sounds great... I love Europe!