Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm STILL buying furniture!!

When I sold my condo back in Toronto I also sold almost all of the furniture pieces (dining table and chairs, sleeper, and wardrobe) to the buyer, so I came to Ottawa with suitcases, 2 chairs, and a lot of decor items!

Which meant that there was a whackload of furniture that I needed to replace.  Luckily I have a gigantic island, and since it's just me I'm using 2 barstools and the island countertop as my table.

That still leaves:
- Headboard - Bought at Home Sense (can be a double or queen size) for $249+tax
- Bed Frame - Still need to buy.....thinking Ikea for $150
- Dresser - Bought last night at Leons for $399+ tax.
- Sofabed - Bought last night at Leons for $799+ tax.
- Coffee Table - Bought at Ikea for $129+tax.
- Entertainment Stand - Bought at Ikea for $148 + tax (during their entertainment centre sale!)
- Photo Ledge - Still need to buy.....thinking Ikea.....
- Mattress - Bought at the Brick for $281 and change.

I forgot how much money it takes to furnish a condo, but I'm almost there!!!


  1. Wow ... we don't have most of that stuff and we've been in our house for 4 years! You're going to have a stylish place!

  2. love to see some photos, I really liked the decor in your old place

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  4. It does seem like you're selling your old furniture at decent prices to liquidate them. Did you get enough from the ones that sold to furnish your new home? Thanks for posting.

  5. Seems like you made some good choices when replacing the furniture you had to sell. Thanks for the great tips.

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