Friday, January 27, 2012

Job Analysis

I am jumping on the bandwagon, following From Shopping to Saving's job analysis post (I've really enjoyed reading so many others)!

1. Salary - I currently make $40,000 + Pension Matching equivalent to $2,000 per year with benefits and parking.  This is a BIG difference from what I was making 2 years ago, however I knew that coming out of my dream job, I'd be making much less.

2. Job Duties - I work in Communications, so my main tasks each day are working on media releases, our quarterly newsletter, maintaining our website, and keeping current on Facebook and Twitter.  I was thrown into the job right away, needing to write a media release within the first couple of days on the job, and I was so thankful to have gotten into a job where things are always evolving.

3.  Location/Commute - I'd originally thought I'd land outside of the city, in Kanata or Orleans (would have meant a 30-45min commute in good traffic to my office), but landed on my current condo, which is 10km from the office, and takes roughly 25 minutes to get to. 

4.  Co-workers - I've gotten along very well with my colleagues already....there are only 8 of us full-time.  My President/CEO is very approachable, my boss allows me to work autonomously, and I am back working with a colleague from my job two years ago (she helped me get this one).  I'm starting to spend time with another colleague outside of work - she is single as well - so it's been great.  Still the typical office gossip, but not much different than I've seen in other offices.

5.  Atmosphere - Most days I'm busy enough that the day doesn't feel like it will never end.  Some weeks (like before I went on holidays) felt like I didn't have enough hours in the day.  A typical day allows me to respond to all emails, work on pressing tasks, while still looking ahead to those projects due in the month ahead. 

6.  Flexibility - In addition to our vacation time, we get 3 days per year to use for all-day appointments, moving, etc.  I've used one this week the day I needed to sign all of the legal papers and get the last of my money towards downpayment and closing costs.  In the summer when I have my yearly physical and twice-yearly teeth cleaning, I'll also schedule my eye exam and take a flex day there.  As far as office hours go, I normally work 8-4, but have come in late, or left early on occasion for appointments or deliveries.  We are also encouraged on poor weather days to work from home (only 2 of us from the office actually live in the city, everyone else needs to travel on a highway to get here).  Vacation booking is easy to do so long as someone related to your work area is in the office.

7.  Advancement - From what I see there is not much advancement opportunity, only because we are a very small staff.  If my director were to leave, the next logical person to take his position has worked with the organization for 4 years.  Our President/CEO has been here 10+ years.

Aside from salary, which is not a surprise since I'm still in a Coordinator position, I am happy with or knew what I was stepping into in this position. My colleagues and boss are supportive and I have the opportunity to be creative every day.  Who knows what the next couple of years will bring, but at this point in my life/career I'm happy where I am!


  1. doesn't sound like a bad gig at all!

  2. This is awesome! What's funny is that I posted this analysis but haven't shared mine on my blog yet LOL!

    I love the sound of your job, sounds like something I would love to do! I love the small office atmosphere as well. And hey your salary is close to mine so don't feel bad at all :) We are lucky to have jobs in this economy! Cliche now, since I hear that all the time...

    And you're so lucky you have flex days!!!