Monday, January 16, 2012

A couple of weeks past the end of 2011, I'm finally looking over my goals for the year.  Lets see how I did:

  • Increase my Emergency Fund up to $5,000 - currently, it sits at $2,655.  FAIL - My E-fund went towards deposit #1 on my new condo.....I made the offer while my condo was waiting to close, so I didn't have those proceeds to draw from.
  • Increase my House Fund up to $33,000 - currently it sits at $22,027. PASS - I purchased my first condo in February when I'd saved about $23,000. 
  • Save $3,500 in my Trip Fund for Central/South America over the holidays next year - currently it sits at $531.  This savings will come entirely from work outside of my full time job.  COMPLETED - I paid for my 2011 entirely with cash, the total including what I spent in Kenya was about $3,600.
  • Open a new ING account for Gifts - pay for all birthday, wedding, baby, Christmas gifts from this account. COMPLETED - I will continue to deposit $50/month (may need to bump that up since a wedding plan is in the works for one of my good friends this summer).
  • Track every penny I spend!!!  FAIL - I did not track every penny spent in 2011.  Not even close!
  • See one or more high school friend each month - there are 8 of us who still keep in touch from high school, although most of it by email.  I'd like to see at least one of my friends per month to be able to maintain such great relationships.  Two friends are only GO Train rides away, and most others by bus, so it's not a big challenge to see them.  PASS - I had been doing great, until I moved to Ottawa in October.  I did see all of my friends on 3 different days over the holidays to make up for it though.
  • Volunteer on a project - I've been in talks to sit on a Run for the Cure committee in preparation for the annual run in October in one of the GTA communities, so this one should be a guaranteed completed task.  PASS - I moved to Ottawa, so I wasn't able to continue volunteering on this committee.
  • Resume tutoring - I tutored all through high school and University and was able to bring in a decent amount of extra money with 2 or 3 students.  Over the break I've designed a poster to put up in town as well as on the web. COMPLETED - I tutored 1 student, so I'm considering it a pass.
  • Sign up and participate in a running class.  FAIL - I did not do this!  Once my current 3-month gym membership is expired in April I'll be signing up at the Running Room.
  • Become more healthy - for me, this means eating better and increasing my exercise frequency. It's a good thing all of those Christmas sweets are almost gone.  PASS. 
  • Travel - I'm aiming for the holidays next year in Central/South America - see my post about this trip. COMPLETE - I didn't travel to Central/South America, but I did cross off one of my dream vacations and went to Kenya on safari.
  • Join a professional association in my field. COMPLETE
  • Blog every weekday. FAIL - Life got busy, and I didn't make blogging a priority.
Stay tuned this week for Goals - 2012!


  1. Sweet! Looks like you completed all the huge goals. 2011 sounds like it was an amazing year for you.

  2. Looks like you did pretty well at the financial goals for 2011! Good luck with tracking your spending in 2012 :)