Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Trip - 2012

Since I'll be turning the big 3-0 this year, I wanted to do something special for my birthday.  This birthday happens to fall during the same time the Olympics in London.  Since I worked on the Olympics here in Vancouver, I thought it would be a perfect tie-into my birthday celebrations!

So, way back in May, 2011 I paid $841 (US) for two tickets to the Canoe/Kayak final day of competition and 2 tickets to the Closing Ceremonies.  A LOT of money, I know for 4 tickets!  I figure that once I split with a friend, $420 (US) doesn't sound as bad, for the chance to experience the Games.

This time around, I'll be on my own for accommodations/food/transport and having travelled to London before, I know how expensive it is!  I'm also not a fan of paying to travel to a city I've already been to.  So, I looked at a map of Europe and decided I needed to add a couple of locations.

Here's what I'm thinking:
Option 1: London, Brussels, Luxembourg, Barcelona
Option 2: London, Zagreb, Budapest, Prague

I am only 300 Aeroplan miles (about a $60 payout) away from being able to fly for free to Europe, paying only the taxes.  As far as flights go, the taxes are about $370 for Option 1 and $270 for Option 2 if I fly home from Frankfurt.

Before I get too carried away, today I'll speak to my boss about getting the time off -- it's definitely not guaranteed since I work in Sport and I know that I'll have media releases that need to be issued during this time, but I'm prepared to have them drafted in advance so that they'd only be missing a few facts gathered during the Games.  Wish me luck!! 

Once I know for sure that I'm able to get the 2 weeks off, I will post my budget and savings plan!

So many cities, so little time (oh, and money!)


  1. That's awesome, and soooo exciting! Crossing my fingers you get the 2 weeks off! I just requested a week in July. EXCITED!