Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals and Budget

With a new month upon us (January flew by so quickly) and the first entire month with a new budget in the condo, I thought I'd share my February budget and goals with you:

INCOME - After Tax/CPP/EI deductions, but before RRSP/Pension contribution
Full Time Regular$2,810.24$2,810.24
FIXED MONTHLY EXPENSES - Under contract/obligations
Mortgage + Taxes$857.02$857.02
Condo Fees$75.00$75.00
Insurance (Car/House)$103.97$103.97
Hot Water Tank Rental$50.79$50.79
PLANNED SPENDING - Bills that get paid non-monthly/Anticipated Bills
Car Maintenance/Licensing$40.00$40.00
Extra Mortgage +Tax Payments$72.00$72.00
VARIABLE SPENDING - Bills that are variable each month
Natural Gas$58.00$58.00

SAVINGS - Long Term and Short Term
Emergency Fund$75.00$75.00
Travel Fund$250.00$250.00
Gas - Car$200.00$200.00

The budget will get re-jigged into the spring when I get a better sense of what my utility bills will look like.  Until then, those are the numbers I'm working with!

This month I will pledge to:
- Go to the gym at least 2x/week
- Not spend a penny Monday - Friday
- Bring my lunch every day to work
- Plan weekly meals in advance
- Discuss with my boss vacation time over the summer
- Look into oil change/new tire for the spring
- Meet up with at least 1 old friend/acquaintance in Ottawa
- Look into volunteer opportunities

It's a good thing February is a short month!! 


  1. Wow nice goals! So neatly budgeted too. Hope you stick with it:) Funny you mention vacation time for summer, I really need to work out the kinks in my summer vacays before everyone else schedules theirs. Eeeeek! What do you bring to work each day? Looking for some easy ideas.

  2. I have my standard lunch items:
    - 2 fruits (I rotate bananas, apples, pears, and clementines)
    - 1 cheesestring or greek yogurt
    - 1/2c skim milk for tea
    - 1 main (either soup, pasta, or salad - depends if it's a gym day and I know I'll be famished).

    My go-to website for recipes is Skinny Taste ( - healthy and easy recipes with photos walking you through every recipe!

    The soup recipe I made at least every other week:

    When my freezer is stocked like it is now, it takes me all of 25 seconds to toss everything into my lunchbox after I remove the tupperware used that day.

  3. I need to work on bringing my lunch and meal planning as well. Good luck to both of use friend!