Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Week 1 Update

One week into my February Challenge, I've accomplished my goal for week 1 perfectly.

Here is my personal spending for the week:

Wednesday, February 1: NO SPEND

Thursday, February 2: NO SPEND

Friday, February 3: NO SPEND

Saturday February 4:
LCBO - $1.80 (I had a $10 gift card to cover the rest)
Walmart - $33.83
Loblaws - $26.89
Food Basics - $9.96
(All three grocery stores are within 2 blocks of each other....while it looks like a lot, I don't have to drive all over the city to hit all three)

Sunday, February 5:
Esso - $40.01

Monday, February 6: NO SPEND

Tuesday, February 7: NO SPEND

If I continue to knock this challenge out of the park, I will have 21 No Spend days in February!