Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Week 3: Update

I can't believe I'm already doing a Week 3 No Spend Challenge Update!!

Here's how it went:
February 15: NO SPEND!

February 16: NO SPEND!

February 17:
Food Basics - $3.82
Walmart - $9.57
Loblaws - $7.33
Loblaws - $42.90

February 18: NO SPEND!

February 19:
Esso - $40.00

February 20: NO SPEND!

February 21:
Five Guys - $5.07

Two unexpected spends this week - flowers at Loblaws and Five Guys....not too shabby.  Thus far I've had 13 no spend days out of 21.  Fewer than what I was aiming for by this point, but still a great start!

I did purchase a couple of flights and prepaid for accommodations in Prague, but those funds come from my Travel Fund account with ING, and aren't reflected in weekly spending. 

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  1. Ahhh you're so good. and so inspiring. Good job on lots of NSDs!