Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Week 2: Update

Two weeks into the month of February, here's how my No Spend Challenge is going:

Here is my personal spending for the week:

Wednesday, February 8: NO SPEND

Thursday, February 9:
Calabogie Ski Resort - $15.89

Friday, February 10:
Loblaws - $22.05
Bulk Barn - $15.12

Saturday February 11:
Walmart - $56.45

Sunday, February 12: NO SPEND

Monday, February 13: NO SPEND

Tuesday, February 14: NO SPEND
Colleague - +$8.00 (from Calabogie snacks)

I wasn't 100% this week, that's for sure. I spent money on Friday, knowing that I wouldn't have very much time to run errands and get groceries over the weekend.  I also spent a bit of money on water, hot chocolate, and snacks at the ski resort last week while I was away for work.  

Notice that I didn't spend any money on gas this week....I filled my tank on Sunday, Feb. 5th and I only down to just under 1/2 tank at this point.  Will try to make this tank last an entire two weeks!   

Tomorrow I will be booking my flights to Europe in August, so stay tuned for that post!

How often do you need to fill your gas tank?

1 comment:

  1. I think you still did good!

    And I fill mine up around every 6 days.