Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling great this month!

I'm feeling really great about my finances this month!

Yesterday was pay day, and here's what I was able to funnel towards long-term savings and planned spending:
- Pension - $166.66
- RRSP - $40.00
- Car Maintenance Fund - $40.00
- Travel Fund - $270.00
- Emergency Fund - $75.00
- Extra Mortgage Payment Fund - $72.00

I have my envelopes all set for the week, a stocked freezer, and still just under a 1/2 tank of gas!  Tomorrow is Friday and it's a long weekend....can't get any better than that.

How is your week turning out??


  1. That's good that you have a good feeling!

  2. You're so lucky you have a 3-day weekend. I have to work President's day :( But good job on funneling money!