Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Giving Myself a Raise - Sort of!

I'd tweeted yesterday that I was so thankful to have health coverage - yesterday's bill at the dentist came to $35 out-of-pocket, and $315 covered by my health care plan.

While my previous job came with great perks, like a TTC pass, it did not come with health insurance, so I paid about $1,400 to get private coverage.  Over the past 2 years I think I went to the dentist once.  Needless to say, I knew that yesterday's dentist visit (and likely 1-2 subsequent visits) would be pricey.

I had a standard cleaning, two types of x-rays, and each tooth was checked for cavities/decay.  Not pleasant, considering I have two fillings that need to be taken care of. 

So, getting back to the title of my post, I'll be tracking this year how much health care coverage I make use of -- I don't pay into the health insurance plan, so I'm considering it free money!

Thus far here's what my insurance has covered in 2012:
- $18.59 - Inhaler (March)
- $315.00 - Dentist (March)

Here's a snapshot of my coverage:
- Drugs: covers 90%, no maximum
- Massage Therapy: covers 90%, $500 annually
- Physiotherapy: covers 90%, $500 annually
- Naturopath: covers 90%, $500 annually
- Chiropractor: covers 90%, $500 annually
- Eye Exam: covers 90%, once per two calendar years
- Glasses/Contacts: $100 per two calendar years
- Dental: covers 90%, $1,000 per year routine (basic, endontics, periodontics, preventative), $1,200 per year major (bridges, dentures, crowns)
- Global Medical Assistance: covers up to $1M per occurrence, covers 100% semi-private hospital room, x-rays, treatments, and 1 follow-up visit, covers up to 60 days travel (I will be using this coverage when I go to Europe....thus will only need trip interruption coverage) 

Do you try to 'maximize' your health insurance coverage??


  1. Your insurance is so much better than mine. I would love to be covered for massages and chiropractor. Also we only get 80% covered. And I work in the healthcare industry, go figure!

  2. Just a little reminder that the benefits are taxable. So make sure if you are using the services a lot that you don't have to little taken off for income tax. Or that you have a little in an account to cover the bit extra you will pay.