Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring or Summer?

Last week was exhausting! With my boss away on holidays all of the media/communications for our organization fell on my shoulders and we made two big announcements.  Kept each day interesting and very late, so I was thankful for the weekend.

Yesterday I was tempted to turn on my A/C.....yes, in Ottawa.  Outside the temperature reached 24 degrees, and inside my thermostat was reading 26.  I haven't yet received my first hydro bill (Hydro Ottawa bills every two months), and not knowing if what I've set aside will cover the bill, I decided to stick with ice water and a breeze through open windows to cool me down instead of resorting to the air conditioner.

This weekend I got a lot accomplished.  I managed to exercise twice, made 5 different dishes, caught up on cleaning and housework, and stuck to my healthy eating plan (a nightmare for me on weekends).  This week I lost 2 lbs!

Looking forward to a bright, sunny week in Ottawa!

At what point do you turn on your A/C??

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  1. whaaat that is so hot for March!! Crazy!!

    I don't have air conditioning, because I live in Edmonton lol