Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power of Over-Budgeting!

After my mini-rant of yesterday about 'missing' bills, my Hydro bill was posted this morning.

The grand total for 67 days worth of billing (January 4 - March 11) is $82.91!  Based on Budget 2012, I am putting away $55/month towards my hydro bill based on a 30 or 31 day billing cycle.  Based on this latest bill, I just "saved" myself $27.09 -- over to the Travel Fund that goes! Wow....I thought for sure I was spending more than $1.24/day on hydro.

Let's look at how that breaks down.....
Actual charges for electricity: $38.41 ($0.57/day)
Other charges (i.e. taxes, regulatory fees, delivery, etc): $44.50

I anticipate that next billing cycle the charges will be even lower (unless I turn on the A/C).  When I moved into the condo and still getting settled I wasn't too worried about not using electricity during peak hours.  After having clothes/bedding/towels in storage for a couple of months, it would have taking me ages to watch everything only after 7pm and on weekends.  Now that I'm more conscious with running the dishwasher or washer/dryer and cooking batch meals during non-peak hours, I hope the bill will reflect that.

17 days into this billing cycle and I've spent $9.09 on direct electricity charges....down to $0.534/day!

                             Have you ever been surprised by a a good or bad way??

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