Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Latest Groupon Purchase

I've been putting off getting a hair cut for a while.....okay, 6 when I saw a Groupon listed for a downtown salon a couple of weeks ago I jumped on it. 

For $22 I could get a wash, cut, and style (value up to $45), for $49 I could get a choice of a root-colour touch-up or partial highlights, a Schwarzkopf hair mask treatment, wash, blow-dry, and style, and a Moroccanoil treatment (whatever that is! value up to $155), OR for $59 I could get a deep-conditioning treatment, haircut, partial highlights, and the option to upgrade to blow-dry for $20 (value up to $145).

Seeing as I was just looking for a trim, I opted for the $22 package.

Perfect.....a wash and trim at a Bank St. (If you live it Toronto, think Bloor St. West area) for a measly $22....and then I needed to add all of the incidentals! 
1) Taxes - I was required to pay the taxes on what would have been the original price (at least, I think!) at the salon.  $5.85
2) Tip - As per Groupon's recommendations, always tip on the original price of the service.  $7.00
3) Parking - I found a lot downtown that cost $8.00 for 2 hours....since I don't spend much time downtown, I'm not sure if that was reasonable or not.

Total price for my Groupon haircut: $42.85....Had I not purchased the Groupon, my final bill after tip and parking would have been approximately $65.85.....not too shabby!

Next up:  I'm eyeing a $19 Groupon for Four Mini Boot-Camp classes ($63 value)!

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What's the best group coupon you've ever redeemed??


  1. I love Groupon and used to get sucked into all of the deals all of the time, but now I barely buy anything. My favorite ones are groupons to a pilates studio I used to frequent often, and also for big stores like Amazon or Target.

  2. I'd love if big box stores were on Groupon....doesn't seem to be the case in Canada though....