Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The plan to rest my head

Because I'm a crazy planner, and Europe is always a mess of tourists in the summer I've already booked most of my transportation and all of my accommodations during the's a glimpse of each apartment (rented through Airbnb) I'll be staying in during my 2+ week trip in August:

Prague (Source: Airbnb)

Bratislava (Source: Airbnb)

Budapest (Source: Airbnb)

Bucharest (Source: Airbnb)

Of course accommodations plays a big part of the budget - in total I'm at $225 for the London hotel (a single room in a B & B) and the Eastern European Airbnb rentals clock in at $503.  Hopefully one day Airbnb will develop some sort of customer loyalty program whereby you can earn points towards future stays!

Now that I've settled into the itinerary with specific dates in mind, the budget will be firmed up in the next few weeks -- looking like it will cost me around $3,500 total for flights, accommodations, sightseeing, transit, food, and Olympic tickets (that's if I don't receive money for the tickets I've paid for already from whomever is my date for the events).


  1. omg! Those are stunning apartments!! Mine in France was gorgeous but it was so tiny -- nothing like these!

  2. Yeah, I can only imagine how different the apartments are in Paris!

    I'm finding that Eastern Europe is still relatively inexpensive, luckily -- my entire apartment there was $27/night.

  3. That is very cheap!! Hope you'll have a wonderful time!

  4. That's not bad at ALL! The apartment is so cute and I can't believe it's so cheap at $27/night. What a bargain!