Monday, March 26, 2012

Why I'm ditching my current Mastercard

I've had the Shopper's Optimum MBNA Mastercard for a few years now.  It's come in super handy come Christmas time, or more recently to buy my Mom's upcoming Mother's Day gift.....I redeemed $85 towards a GPS that cost $99+tax.  Thanks you, points!!

A few weeks ago I started noticing a note when I signed into my account online and again when I received a paper statement in the mail last week.  I switched to paperless billing when I signed up for the account, so it was odd to see a paper statement. 

What was more odd though, was the message included in the paper statement (the same message I'd noticed when I've signed into my account online....

"As of April 20, 2012, we will no longer be offering the online banking services located at: As a result, you will be unable to log in to view your account activity or use the online functions associated with card activation, balance transfers, and credit line increases. We have started sending you paper statements, even if you had opted to go paperless in the past."

Um, what?  I won't be able to manage my account online???  But, I check my account at least 5 times a week right now??

I am a visual learner.  When I called Rogers last week to switch my cell phone plan to one that is less expensive, I needed to see the plan in front of me before I could decide.  Listening to plan details didn't do anything for me.  Same thing when I call into my credit card....hearing the last few charges and listening to what my available credit is doesn't register with me, unless I see it in writing.

Last year TD acquired MBNA's Canadian credit card business from Bank of America (read more here).  According to what I've learned from the MBNA help desk, their purchase did not include the Shoppers Optimum Card.  TD also purchased the domain that Shoppers Optimum card clients use, we are no longer able to use that system to log into our accounts.  No problem, I think.....just give me a different domain to check my account on.  Apparently instead of doing that, Shoppers Optimum card clients won't have a domain period.

So, I'm on the hunt for a new no-fee credit card.  I'm leaning towards the MBNA SmartCash Platinum Plus (I've already confirmed that card WILL allow online access post-April 20th!).


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