Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Groupon Purchase

Back in September I made my one and only purchase on Groupon - $20 for 20 boot camp sessions.  The regular price online was $420, so it looked like I was getting a fantastic deal.  I was, unless you factored in the fact that I attended only one session.  Bad me.  My sessions don't expire until the end of March, so I logged back in this morning and checked out the schedule.

In order to get my money's worth my purchase I KNOW that I need to actually use the passes, so I've signed up for:
- Jan. 10 - Full body burn
- Jan. 12 - Lower body blast
- Jan. 17 - Full body burn
- Jan. 22 - Hatha yoga

Mid-month I'll have a look at my calendar again and sign up for more classes.  At $1/class that will prove that it was a useful purchase!

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