Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To quit or not to quit.....

Shortly after my move to Toronto I marched up to the closest gym to my house and work and signed up. That gym happened to be a GoodLife club.

While there are some things I like about my gym (an abundance of showers, massage chairs, the hours, proximity to work and home) there are more ticks under the dislike column (gym/equipment is old, it's always packed, it has a funny smell, I can only go to this one GoodLife club, the classes seem to be geared towards more advanced gym goers).  Above all my biggest complaint is that once I signed up for my membership the contact with staff ceased.  Back home I went to the YMCA where every staff members knew every members' names, we met with a trainer whenever our program needed to be altered, the gym was brand new with nice equipment, etc.

Using one of my Groupon fitness class passes this week I went to a new-to-me gym downtown and fell in love.  The gym has no membership cards because staff know all members (their cap is 450 for that particular club), the machines all had individual tvs - I need to be occupied during a workout, I can go to any of their other Toronto clubs, the classes welcome all abilities, there are unique options from pilates to a Fit 4 Fight class, AND to top it all off the monthly membership fee is cheaper than what I'm currently paying at GoodLife.

Currently: $33.34 bi-weekly or $866.84 yearly (WOW!)
Potential new gym: $45 monthly or $540.00 yearly (double WOW!)

In order to cancel at GoodLife I will incur a $99+tax charge.  I have emailed the Manager at the potential new club to see what sort of package they could put together so that I'm not paying so much out of pocket at first (they normally have a $79 registration fee).  So long as it makes sense financially, it looks like I'll be switching gyms.

Do you belong to any clubs or pay for services that could be reduced by switching providers?


  1. I would switch to the new gym and incur the cancel fee at the old one, if it were me. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the manager will be able to work something out for you. I think they will.

  2. I've been at goodlife for a few years, and I'm still with them, simply because the contract I'm on is cheap ($45/month), and I can go to a variety of locations (excluding their "gold premium" gyms).

    Since they're a big box gym, I've come to terms that I won't be getting a boutique experience, & the trade off is that smaller gyms usually cost more (except your gem of a find!). I've also had a few friends negotiate a lower rate &/or additional services (multiple gyms, towel service, etc) with a counteroffer from another gym down the road (Extreme) as leverage.

    It sounds like you're already on your way to the newer gym - if you get a better experience & equipment, go for it! Keep us posted!