Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tonight's the Night

Tonight I am meeting with my realtor to put in an offer on the condo I've fallen in love with.  We've looked over the comparibles, so I know what the condo is worth, and I will not pay more than that amount.  I've calculated what I need as far as closing costs go, how much a moving truck will cost, and have found a new tenant to take over my lease with the current place.  Since she's interested in signing the lease for March 1st, this means that I don't have to pay rent any longer since February's rent would have been my last month's rent I put down when I signed my extra $870 would come in handy right now!

I still have some outstanding questions - e.g. average hydro bill over the past year, does the condo use green bins, what state is the reserve fund in, is the dryer electric vs. gas etc., so I'm happy to be seeing it again before making an offer.

If the offer is accepted tonight I'll be putting down a $4,000 deposit (money is en route from ING to my chequing account).  While renting an apartment I was quite happy aiming for a $5,000 emergency fund, but I know that I'd be more comfortable with a $10,000 efund if I'm owning, so that would be another element to consider.

Hopefully I'll have some great news to post about tomorrow! 


  1. Hoping you get the condo. Sending you positive vibes.

  2. I'm so excited for you, I hope it goes well!!