Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Spending: Jan. 10 - 16, 2011

January 10th: No Spend Day

January 11th:
- $1.20 - tea

January 12th:
- $110.87 - GoodLife cancellation fee
- $90.34 - New gym registration fee

January 13th: No Spend Day

January 14th:
- $60.93 - No Frills ($$43.16 gift card, $17.77 cash)

January 15th: No Spend Day

January 16th:
+ $250.00 - Gift card
+ $20.00 - Kijiji Sale (old artificial Christmas tree)

Overview: $200.18 spent, $250.00 gift card
Aside from my gym costs I think that I did quite well this week.  The $250.00 gift card (AMEX) doesn't have a plan yet, but I'm thinking it will go towards future clothing purchases.  I've been hitting the gym and eating well, so I'm anticipating needing to replace a few items of clothing when they start getting loose.


  1. I just stumbled across your blog (a link to a link, etc.)
    You really should consider ditching the TTC pass for a bicycle. I know this sounds crazy (OMG! Traffic! Snow! Freeze your ass off temperatures!) but it's not really. My wife and I both cycled from Main and Danforth to downtown for ten years. No gym membership fees, no TTC passes, no parking fees, etc. Start in late spring (late May is nice). Plan your route. Allow extra time. Take a City of Toronto CanBike course - $75 last time I checked- if you aren't comfortable on the roads.
    Many offices downtown now have excellent cycling facilities in place (Telus for one). Think about the savings...

  2. Great suggestion - I would definitely consider it if the pass was a cost to me. My work actually reimburses me for the TTC pass, so it doesn't cost me a thing.

    I tried to negotiate another benefit (ie. health insurance) instead of the TTC pass when I was presented with the contract, but they didn't go for it -- despite the fact that it would have cost them less out of pocket.