Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Planning the Next Adventure

A few people at work have begun talking about plans over the holidays, and it got me wishing that I was off on my next trip.

Most airlines don't allow bookings to be made more than a year in advance, but I'm going to start thinking about what I'd like to do.

Timeframe: Next Christmas
Where to: Central America (4 countries)
With who: Just me, unless there's a special someone in my life then!
How long: 17-19 days

My budget: $3,000.
Travel: $1,000 (flight there and back will be paid for with Aeroplan miles. 40,000 needed for economy, 60,000 for business class.  I currently have just over 50,000 miles)
Accommodations: $900 (average of $50/night if 18 nights)
Food: $550
Attractions: $300
Souvenirs/Gifts: $200
Insurance: $50 (I am covered already for 9 days, so this will be a top up)

Here's what I am thinking, including the recommended budget from Lonely Planet's Central America on a Shoestring in US $:
Panama City, Panama - $20-30
San Jose or Limon, Costa Rica - $35
Managua or Grenada, Nicaragua - $15-25
Roatan, Honduras - $25 on mainland, higher in Roatan

Looks like I'll be kicking my trip savings into high gear!

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