Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Recap

After going on a 2 year hiatus from Boxing Day and Black Friday shopping my aunt and I ventured to London to spend some cash!  Anticipating a big spend, I had an ING account not tracked as part of my savings, knowing that I'd spend it, with just about $800 saved up. 

I didn't spend all $800, but here's what the damage was:

StoreReg. Price TotalBoxing Day TotalWhat I Got
Pier 1$52.98$43.212 ornaments, bubble bath, 2 candlestick holders
Le Chateau$7.90$7.901 necklace
Chapters$25.97$15.92Coupon sorter, next year's Christmas cards
Bath & Body Works$29.95$22.6010 hand sanitizers, 3 soaps
RW & Co$103.96$33.80Slippers, cardigan, pj pants
Globo Shoes$79.08$33.87Sneakers, flats
Nine West$107.35$39.55Purse
Home Sense$5.64$5.64Glass potpouri holder
Ardene$21.00$21.00Flats, slippers
Banana Republic$235.04$60.43Cardigan, sweater, nice tank
Ricki's$280.24$96.02Winter Coat, sweater, tshirt
Home Sense$338.99$338.99Living room chair

The remainder of the money will go towards a brunch out with my girlfriends, and a lunch with my cousins.  When I get home I'm also in the need for new batteries for my inflatable bed, so I'll use this money for that purpose as well.

Did you do any boxing day shopping?


  1. OMG, you scored TONS of stuff!!!

    I splurged at Lush, a bit over $200... I got about $100 worth of free stuff on top of that :-)

  2. Wow, just saw how much you saved at some of those shops!
    I'll admit it, seeing how much I've "saved" by buying items (comparing to original price) is pretty motivating when it comes to shopping...even if maybe the original price was way too high!

    And I had no plans of going shopping the day after Christmas, but even if I did, there was no way I was going out this Sunday...we got slammed with a major Nor'easter all the way along the east coast of the U.S.!

  3. Sounds like it was a fun shopping day!! Great deals you found! Yay!!! I didn't do any boxing day shopping, unless you count a screen protector for my husbands Ipod & a wii remote from

    My kind of shopping.. you don't have to go out to do it! lol!

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