Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reading today's Globe and Mail I came across this article entitled "Gifts for the financially savvy".  Looking through the article I see a piggy bank valued at $240, a digital receipt reader for $239.88, and a sleek looking shredder for $44.98.

What I've spent on personal finance tools in peanuts in comparison.  Seems to me the money the Globe and Mail article is suggesting could be better used elsewhere!

What I use:
- Toronto Maple Leafs piggy bank - gift, but probably worth $15
- Pocket calculator - $1 at dollar store
- "Gail jars" - $3.99 at Ikea
- Plastic filing box - $14.99 at Walmart
- Note book - $1 at dollar store
- Microsoft Excel - came with my computer
- Paper shredder - $14.99 at Staples

What tools do you use to help you stay on track financially?


  1. Excel: FB Budget Tool

    iPod Touch for calculator (or my computer)


  2. I use a caluclator on my computer, good old pencil and paper, and view my bank accounts online. I keep envelopes for my various spending amounts instead of jars. They travel better.

  3. I saw that post too online! I was thinking what??? Over $200 for a piggy bank???

    I use excel! :) I love my excel sheet! It tracks everything!

  4. I use mostly online systems like Mint (which I hear is finally available in Canada!) to keep track of my money.

    That is pretty silly that they think the financially savvy would want expensive gadgets and stuff. I wouldn't buy that stuff for myself, or for others. I also would be a bit annoyed if someone gave me one of those items, because it was too expensive and stupid. Not a fan of knickknacks.