Friday, December 10, 2010

Where I Invest

Yesterday Fabulously Broke asked me to post where I invest.  So, here goes!

I have two RRSP accounts with TD Canada Trust.  The purpose of account A is to save for a home.  I will be withdrawing from the account under the Canadian Home Buyers Plan - currently, I could withdraw $25,000. Account B is used for long-term retirement savings.

Here's a closer look at each account:
ACCOUNT A - House Fund
Balanced Income, 70/30 split between safety and risk.
TD Canada Bond Fund - Inception date 1988, MER* 1.05%, year to date growth of 7.2%, mix of corporate, federal, and provincial bonds.
TD Dividend Growth Fund - Inception date 1987, MER 1.92%, year to date growth of 4.7%, mix of Canadian equities and income trusts.
TD Canadian Equity Fund -   Inception date 1988, MER 2.07%, year to date growth of 6.4%, mostly Canadian equities.

ACCOUNT B - Retirement Savings
Aggressive Growth, 100% growth fund.
TD Dividend Growth Fund - see above
TD Precious Medals Fund - Inception date 1994, MER 2.15%, year to date growth of 26.4%, mostly Canadian equities.
TD US Mid-Cap Growth Fund - Inception date 1994, MER 2.42%, year to date growth of 9.6%, mostly US equities.
TD Diversified Monthly Income Fund - Inception date 1987, MER 2.18%, year to date growth of 6.5%, mix of Canadian equities, corporate bonds, and income trusts.
TD High Yield Bond Fund - Inception date 1998, MER 1.89%, year to date growth of 9.5%, mostly corporate bonds.

Management Expense Rate: The percentage of total fund assets that is used to cover expenses associated with the operation of a mutual fund. This amount is taken out of the fund's assets and lowers the return that fund holders achieve. These expenses include management fees and operating expenses. The management fee is the fee that is charged to the fund by the portfolio manager, and it is often a fixed percentage. The operating expenses are the expenses that the fund incurs through operation and this can include brokerage fees, taxes, investor services, and interest expenses.

Thus far I'm happy with my performance at TD.  The House Fund is growing at a small increment, and the Retirement Savings is growing at a better rate.  I only recently transferred my investments over to TD, so once I have some more concrete growth rates then I'll be happy to post those numbers.

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