Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Health Plan Update

Last month I blogged about choosing a health care plan since I'm not covered with work.

I signed up for:
Manulife - Combo Plus Enhanced
$123.70/month or $1,484.40/year or $1,424.64/year if I pay a lump sum.
·         Prescriptions: $10,000/year - pays 90% on the first $2,222 and 100% on the following $8,000. (covers dispensing fees, name brand or generic brands)
·         Dental: pays 100% on the first $500 and 60% on the next $700.
·         Vision: pays $250/24 months on glasses/contacts and $50/24 months on eye exams.
·         Travel: covers $5 million per year for 9 day travel.
·         Air Miles: 50 miles for signing up and 10 miles each 6 months.

Coverage began on December 1st, and thus far I've used up all of my 100% dental coverage and am now into the 60% coverage level - I'd been without a dentist for a couple of years, so I had a full cleaning, xrays, and just yesterday replaced three fillings that were about 15 years old. 

I want to be sure that I'm getting the most bang for my buck, so periodically I'll be checking in to make sure I'm claiming more than what I'd paid for the plan.  In January I have a doctor's appointment where I expect to be put on one prescription, so I'll check back then.

Paid: $1,424.64
Claimed: $629
To Spend: $795.64

Do you take full advantage of your health care plan each year?

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  1. Heh! I just did a post on my visit to the dentist too! :)

    I got 2 cavity :( and MAY have to do a root canal for one with a crown... I am trying to figure out how much it will cost because my dental plan only covers 80% for the root canal and 50% for the crown...booo...

    I should go for massages since it's covered, but I am too lazy..haha