Sunday, December 19, 2010

Definitely not an $11 million dollar tree!

Recently The Emirites Palace hotel erected a Christmas tree valued at approximatey $11 million!!  WOW.  In their defense (yeah, right) the jewels that increase the value of the tree are on loan versus owned by the hotel.

With Christmas in full swing in my apartment it got me thinking into how much money I've spent on my tree - I could do all decor in total, but that number would just be scary!

So, here goes:
Tree - $35
Tree Topper - $12
Garlands - $8
23 Ornaments - approximately $240 (one of the ornaments is a special one from Birks commemorating the Vancouver Olympics.)
Lights - $15 (LED)
TOTAL - $310


  1. I read about the 11 Million dollar tree... crazy huh?

    I'd love to see your Olympic ornament :-)

  2. Here it is!

  3. Wow! 11 million dollar tree! I wonder how tall it is! I bet there are tons of security guards around it! hah!

    That's a beautiful ornament! :) Yay! Vancouver!