Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update: November Goals

Here's how I've done on my goals for November:

- Save $1,500 - this can be in any of my savings accounts (house, emergency, travel)
This did not happen as I purchased health insurance, which was just over $1,400 as a yearly pre-payment

- Avoid 1 temptation to spend per week
Week 1 - trip to Tim Hortons twice this week, instead I made tea at work, saved $3
Week 2 - going out for dinner with a friend, instead I made dinner at home, saved $20
Week 3 - taking a cap, I took the bus instead and saved about $15
Week 4 - buying a shirt for my sister for Christmas....her gift was already finished, saved $35

- Go to the gym at least 12 times
Unsuccessful, that's for sure....but my gym bag is packed and is next to the front door for tomorrow.

- Have 100 visitors to my blog
This one I'm not too sure of....I have 1,000+ page views, but I'm not sure yet how to track individual users.-

- Read 1 personal finance and 1 fun book
Home Girl by Brenda Bouw, and The Confession by John Grisham

- Attend 2 events in Toronto....on the cheap!
Santa Claus Parade (free), Women's Show  ($12), Ontario Science Centre (Free on Teacher Day)

- Try 2 new recipes
Butternut squash soup, a new gourmet sandwich

I know that I could have done better in a couple of areas, but overall I'm happy with my accomplishments this month.


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  1. Do you track your visitors through Google Analytics? If you set up an account, you can see both page views as well as individual viewers.