Friday, December 17, 2010

He's Leaving

I got a call from my advisor with TD this week saying that he's like to introduce me to one of his colleagues at the branch.  His last week in this position and at that branch is this week.

He was the reason that I'd switched my investments to TD - I wanted out of RBC anyways, but he sold me on TD over other advisors I'd met at different banks.

At our first meeting he began by providing me with his background as a financial planner.  He was the only advisor I met with who suggested having two different RRSPs; a house fund and a retirement based account.  Both types of RRSP has a risk percentage to match it's future use.  My house fund RRSP has less risk, a 70/30 split.  I plan to pull the $25,000 out within the next two years under the Home Buyer's Plan.  The retirement RRSP is 100% risk (medium risk, but risk nonetheless).  I am currently 28, so estimating that I work until I'm 65, that gives me 37 more years to build this up.

I'm crossing my fingers that this new advisor will be as great as he was. 

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  1. I am with TD Bank and I am not complaining so far :)