Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Plans

This year I'm at home in Sarnia for the holidays, and thankful to be out of Toronto and into an actual house vs. an apartment.  A house with a fireplace, a full size couch, and a bathtub.

My plans over the holidays are as follows:
Dec. 24th - Open House at a relative's in the evening
Dec. 25th - Family Christmas at my Mom's
Dec. 26th - Boxing Day & Laptop shopping with my Mom (for her, not me)
Dec. 27th - relaxing!
Dec. 28th - annual Secret Santa with my high school friends for brunch
Dec. 29th - relaxing again
Dec. 30th - more relaxing
Dec. 31st - Movie night New Year's Eve/dog sitting
Jan. 1st - Back to Toronto

Overall the holidays shouldn't be too expensive for me.  Since I'm at home my food budget is nil, so that's a big help since yesterday I did a bit of unplanned shopping.  An over the door shoe rack from Winners ($12.99), organic shampoo for oily hair ($14.00 )and a homemade foot/hand cream for extremely dry feet and hands ($15.00).  These came out of my food budget, leaving me about $35 for the rest of the holidays.  I anticipate only having the one brunch and a couple of Tim Horton's runs before my return to Toronto, so I should be ok until the new expense cycle begins in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

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