Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adventures in Price Matching

One of the ways I am able to make the most of my weekly budget is by being a smart shopper - in the grocery store that is.  Sundays are my grocery shop days, so when the new store flyers come out on Friday I used to go through each and make 3 separate grocery lists (Sobeys, Loblaws, Metro).  After wandering past a No Frills just a few weeks aso I noticed a sign that said that they price match.  Yippee, no more making 3 separate trips to different grocery stores just to get the sale prices. 

So, last Friday I made my list (finally, only one!!) and was on my way to No Frills with the flyers, just in case they needed to be verified.  The store was quite busy that day, so when I got to the checkout I was well organized so that all I'd need to do is recite the "new" price before the cashier rang the item in.  My cashier though didn't know that there was a price match policy at No Frills.  I pointed out the floor-to-ceiling window decal that appeared a few meters away from her. 

I had about 15 items to be price matched, and it took calling over 2 Managers (one ended up walking away saying "we only match one item.  That's it, one!"  Each of the 10 items had to be scrutinized by the employee and the Manager - really, a 2L carton of Neilsen milk was the EXACT same as the 2L carton of Neilsen milk from the flyer.

While all of this is going on the lineup behind me is building, and building.  I felt so embarrased by holding up the line only to follow a policy that the store had in place.  The gentleman behind me said that it was a great idea to price match, but next time he'd try a different No Frills, as will I.

Have you ever had a bad price matching experience?

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  1. Keep doing it. They will try almost anything to not have to adhere to their own policy! Good for you for sticking to your guns!