Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fundraising Gala Outfit

I will be helping at our organization's annual fundraising gala in a couple of weeks and realized that none of the dresses that I have are right for the gala.  I have only two possibilities and one is entirely red and I recently wore it to a wedding (a bit more "party" like than for a formal gala).  My other dress currently doesn't fit, so that one's out.

So, over the next couple of days I will be on the hunt for a reasonably priced gala-appropriate dress for under $50 (incl. taxes).  This will unfortunately come out of my clothing and entertainment budget.

I love the dresses that Ricki's currently has in stores, but this will have to be one of those temptation avoiding goals for the month!


  1. Maybe you should check RW & CO, they have free clutch to go with the dress! :)

  2. I found a dress!!! Purchased from The Bay; after taxes it came to just under $45. I will wear with black tights and heels I already own.

    I'm happy with my purchase and I think this will be a perfect staple in my closet.

  3. Oh WOW! That's a very cute dress! :) I love Vero Moda Stuff! Their stuff is not that expensive and when it goes on sale at The Bay, it's a great deal! :)